Bath Shots! These are awesome!

I know, I know, we’ve been absent for a little. We just got back from a ride down to Louisiana. While down there we met with the owners of Mousse Bath Bar who sell products such as bath shots and bath bombs. Maddie and I have never used any all-natural products before so we were excited to try them!

We used one of their Bath Shots which we ABSOLUTELY LOVED! At first, we were skeptical, but the owner’s Erica & Ben we’re super amazing so we decided to buy a few and test them out. We’ve used some Lush products in the past which we weren’t too fond of. But these were in a different ballpark! They’re complete all-natural and made with what we would consider – their love! We’re now frequent fliers of their bath products and will be for years to come! Check them out if you’re interested in all-natural bath products.

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